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NJ New Jersey Online Poker Gambling Betting Casino Site Signup AC Atlantic City

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by MobileBiz5 on 05/28/14

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Look for in the future "NJ casino sign up bonuses" "NJ internet gambling sites", "internet casinos in NJ", "NJ internet gambling", "NJ internet betting" since everybody will be trying to find the best site to "gamble online in NJ".  Many will want a "list of internet casinos in NJ" as a way to pick "NJ internet casino sites", "NJ internet gambling sites", "NJ internet betting sites" since each casino will be offering players new programs to entice with loyalty rewards.

In "NJ" "New Jersey" "AC" "Atlantic City"  will have current info news reporting on "online casino sites in Atlantic City", "online gambling sites in Atlantic City", "Atlantic City online betting sites", "online poker sites in Atlantic City", "Atlantic City online slots site", "online Texas Holdem sites in Atlantic City", "online roulette sites in Atlantic City", "online blackjack sites in Atlantic City" giving gamblers a place to bet online.

"NJ Poker Tournaments" "NJ Online Tournament" "NJ Online Casino Tournaments" "NJ Online Casino Websites" "NJ Online Gambling Sites" "Online Poker Requests in NJ"

by MobileBiz5 on 03/13/14

There will be many who will search for these key phrases looking for information, news, updates, current events, bonuses, promotions, "New Jersey" internet tournaments, advertised using "Online Poker in NJ", "NJ Online Poker", "Texas Holdem Online in NJ", "Online Casino Games in NJ" as each casino has tried to one up each other.

I have played poker online in NJ mostly using a laptop PC and have had a number of issues over the last couple months where "GEO location" has been a problem.  The other night I had registered for a big Sunday tournament a day before it was to go off.  This was the first time I preregistered since this tournament had a cutoff on number of players and had missed getting in the last few days on different tournaments.  That Sunday, I logged into my account twenty minutes late for the tournament and noticed I was already down a few hundred chips.  The weird part was that when I click to play it said it could not locate and verify that I was in Jersey!  I tried logging out, rebooting my laptop two times rushing to get back in while the same error message appeared.  Each time relogging in I could watch my table play as my pocket KK were immediately folded was just fustrating to say the least.  I noticed that customer support icon and clicked getting NJ online help as somebody introduced themselves asking what my problem was mentioning they would help.  I spent another ten minutes typing my problem during the time clicking different settings to finally get officially into the tournament. 

Each online site needs to really work on making the experience better for the online player fixing the GEO and other player involvement problems when playing online.

I have read on other sites and have received many requests that the online casinos need to offer a lot more mid-level tournaments with guaranteed prize pool throughout the week.  The has been a lot of complaints that these tournaments are finishing very late at night 1am, 2am, 3am which prohibits a lot of players playing who have day jobs.  Speed it up as so many have complained noting that the blinds start way to low and the bump up between takes forever which extends tournament time.  Another big complaint is the open registration which a few "NJ online casinos" have a two hour window slowing poker play for getting to the final table. 

Here it is Friday night or Saturday night looking for a "big" tournament knowing that if it does go into the wee hours of the morning sleeping in would be fine since I'm not worrying about going to work but none are offered.  Yes you will see some $5,000 or $10,000 games on a Friday / Saturday night but where are the $25,000 + games.  I know that if a "Atlantic City" AC online casino put up a big Tournament like a $50,000 or $100,000 tournament they would more than cover the cost and word of mouth would generate a lot interest.  Sunday is nice but again when these internet games go very late in the morning 1am, 2am, 3am many will fold even before putting up the entry fee.

On a side note we are seeing a lot of interest in "Online Slots in NJ", "Online Blackjack in NJ", "Online Roulette in NJ" as promotions and bonuses push for you to try the various chance games.  Keep an eye as you search for deals what each casino is offering as it will continue to get better for gamblers looking for great action at each casino site / website.  I'm not choosy, "sign up" register for each casino since I'm taking advantage of the bonuses and promotions looking for the best deal every day.

"NJ Online Texas Holdem" "AC Casino Online Websites" "Online Poker in NJ" "Online Poker Tournaments in New Jersey" "Updates Needed for Online Poker Tournaments"

by MobileBiz5 on 02/28/14

"Poker Players" "Internet Gamblers" "Online Gamblers in New Jersey" "New Online Poker Information" "Where to find the Best Online Poker in NJ"

Each week there is a new online deal in trying to create a buzz for "online gamblers in NJ" where there is either a re-load bonus or "sign up bonus" but after spending time looking closely at this promo chances are many won't get the full value out of the bonus.  Many offer a tease of a bonus based on play and at this time many New Jersey players and enjoying it on a part time basis where there play is spotty.  To receive the full bonus you will need to play a certain minimum of hands forcing the risk factor higher giving the casinos a better rake opportunity.

The online tournaments have been fun as I have jumped from one to another trying to find the best payout and quickest play.  I have repeatedly mentioned that the biggest problem that I have heard from thousands of players it that the bigger tournaments run way into the night well past midnight!  The "big Sunday game" I have seen ending around 3:00 AM or later which leaves only the serious pros who don't have a day job in the running.  Many recreational players like myself would like to play in the $100 or $200 entry tournaments but have stayed away creating a loose loose for players and casinos. 

I heard recently one online AC "Atlantic City" casino changed the blind structure eliminating two giving a higher jump but more needs to be done.  The slow play from low starting blinds, long registration opening, deep stack chips all but hinder the speed of a tournament.

New Jersey casinos need to "SPEED UP PLAY" by starting with  #1) Smaller chip stacks   #2) Start play with higher small & big blind   #3) One hour max for open registration   #4) Reduce time between blind jumps   #5) Blind jumps much higher amount each time after round.

Now if that was put in place where most players understood that the top players would hit the final table around 11:00 PM with it finishing around Midnight they would drawl thousands of new players!!!!!!

Okay readers....there are thousands of you reading my posts so I know the word will travel to the decision makers who can fix "New Jersey Online Poker" "Texas Holdem" to make it more enjoyable for the masses.

"Online Gambling in NJ" "News Updates Online Casinos in NJ" "Online Poker Tournaments in NJ" "Online Casinos in NJ"

by MobileBiz5 on 02/20/14

"NJ online poker sites" "NJ online casino websites" "AC online gambling sites"

Online casinos in "New Jersey" NJ are starting to gain traction as there has been almost 200,000 registered gamblers signing up at various "internet casinos in NJ".  These players have noticed the special deals being offered including "sign up bonuses" "casino online website" deals giving "dollar match" for new players.  Many casinos are getting creative in regards to their "online poker tournaments" with huge cash prizes and event specials enticing gamblers to try their luck.

I have played at many of the online casinos signing up and taking advantage of the dollar match programs and tournament prizes and have found it fairly easy to play.  Initially having problems with GEO location issues but after switching play to my PC laptop my wifi has connected properly each time.

A good option for players would be to sign up at multiple "NJ online casino sites" using the dollar match program and when you are ready to play a "online poker tournament" you can see all the offerings.  I personally try to pick ones that will end before 12:00 at night since there are many that go into the wee hours making it impossible to play on a regular basis if you have a day job.  

I have heard from hundreds of gamblers and biggest complaint is the tournament time length of when the big prize dollar tournaments will continually go way past 1 AM in the morning.  "New Jersey online casinos" would benefit greatly using speed tournaments where the starting chips are low and blinds are jumped quickly once the registration process ends.  The result will be more of a shove fest but there is still poker strategy of knowing when you have a solid hand betting that way or if you have a chance to bluff tricking your opponent to fold his hand.  

Take a look at all the latest specials and deals online at "AC online casino gambling sites" that offer great internet games like "online poker", "online Texas Holdem", "online Texas Hold'em", "online Blackjack", "online black jack", "online slot", "online slots", "online roulette" with many more being offered in the future.

"NJ Online Poker" "New Jersey Poker Tournaments" "NJ Online Poker Websites" "Poker Tournaments Online in Atlantic City" "Online Poker Rooms in NJ" "Texas Holdem Online in AC"

by MobileBiz5 on 01/30/14

Lots of action and good money to be made if you have the experience in the poker world to play in NJ.  Reporting on the "poker rooms" in "Atlantic City", "New Jersey" each offer a lot of opportunities in regards to "poker tournaments" and play but if you want to have a chance to "be in the money" you will need to learn how to bet properly.

I have played on almost all the "online poker sites" and some are better than others with one I'd stay away from unless they start offering a decent daily big "online poker game" and a big weekend tournament.  Casinos in AC, NJ "online poker" have started to work out the kinks in the GEO internet software while offering more mobile games of play.

I enjoy tournaments since you can put up a little and get a decent payoff if you can at least get into the money.  Money brackets which depending on the cash prize the payout is 1-5 or 1-10 and higher for "online Texas Holdem tournaments".  The bigger bracket spread is great for intermediate players like myself that realizes that first place is unlikely for me but I have a chance to recoup my entry adding to a small cash prize to my account as I finish within a bracket. 

The biggest problem that I have noticed and blogged in the past has been tournaments are starting way to late during the week say 9 PM and it finishes after 1 AM in the morning!!  Many like myself have complained since only the serious poker players who don't have day jobs can play on a regular basis. 

Note to the casinos, start with a lower amount of "poker chips" and increase the blinds quicker!  Start the blinds higher the 10 / 20 is a joke to have it for ten minutes or more while waiting for players to register within an hour of the start time.  With the registration open for an hour till break the slow pace of play in regards to blinds and knockouts are low. 

NJ Casinos should start more "Texas Holdem", "Texas Hold'em", "online tournaments" at 7:00 PM or 8:00 PM due to the hour long registration process unless they will fix that also but if they added a bonus $$ for knockouts, blinds jumped quicker, lower starting chips while finishing around 11:00 PM they would see a huge jump in business for their tournaments!  **Those reading this pass it on to the casino executives since it will be a win-win and maybe with increased play players will have at lot more tournaments to choose from.

Nice story to mention, I was playing a few weeks ago on my laptop computer in a $5,000 tournament grinding it out as I was within the bracket group for a payout.  I had just won on pocket Jacks with the chips pushed over to me and all of a sudden my laptop computer froze showing the table and my avitar with chips ready to go into my stack.  This was strange since I clicked on the tournament lobby and it was showing a timer clicking by in the main room.  I retried again exiting out off my screen and reopening it to the same screen shot; panicking I click out of the site completely and then re-logged into the casino site and again the same.  Finally I shut my computer down and rebooted it, didn't want to do this since I was playing another poker tournament on another site and it was working fine.  Once rebooting the computer it still wouldn't let me back in until a while later and noticed that I was out of the tournament and out of the winnings.  Well I emailed the customer service department and it took a few weeks but the casino came through and gave me my estimated winnings at the time and entry cost to it.  This online casino did me right, so if you have a problem down the road, email their customer support and hopefully they will compensate you properly.

News and updates, we will have all the latest on NJ AC casinos who offers online gambling and where to go to register signing up at each "AC online casino site".  It's important to look for "AC online casino signups" since each site will have specials for new "online gamblers in NJ" with "signup bonuses" making it attractive to "gamble online in New Jersey".

It's a great website for information, giving sign up news to gamblers to gamble online in NJ New Jersey and play poker and other casino games offered. Take a look at the approved online casino that you want to play at and proceed to do "online registering at NJ casinos"  once approved your "online gambling in NJ" will begin. Most popular poker game "Texas Holdem" "Texas hold'em" and other games such at blackjack, slots, craps might also be available in "Atlantic City". 

Take a look here for the best site to get on board to gamble for "NJ online gambling" "NJ online betting" "NJ online poker" giving players a fun place to stop by and find tips of what is going on for "online gambling in Atlantic City". Here you will find interesting news on "NJ online casinos" in "New Jersey" that will point you to the best "online poker casinos" to play in "Atlantic City". 

​Gambling in NJ will be geo specific so even if you don't live in NJ you can still register at a NJ casino online from Atlantic City submit to the online registration signup form and be able to play soon once approved forms such as your driver's license, another ID/Billing statement is submitted you will receive info on adding pin / password to verify you are the player gambling online.  Since NJ is setting up geo specific tracking players visiting NJ "New Jersey" or commuters working in Jersey can play on their mobile phones, smart pads before, during or after work and then commute home to a border State once done playing in NJ.  This will be huge for lots of gambles who can enjoy hanging in their car or at home getting in a few hands of "online poker" Online Texas Holdem" "online Texas Hold'em".

We want you to keep coming back for all the latest news & offers as we will give you plenty of ideas and suggestions of what "nj online casinos" will offer to "new online players in NJ" as perks for signing up. Registration for "NJ casino signup" and "NJ online casino signup" locations and websites will be listed giving "NJ online gamblers" a great map of where to find the best "sign up" bonuses. 

We will try to grab your attention as hundreds and thousands of new visitors have looked here finding trying to find all the latest news of where to sign up and which casino to pick as your favorite online NJ casino to gamble online giving the best chance to win! Money talks and the casinos want you, so take a look here for deals & specials !

Find us here by typing in "online betting in NJ", "NJ online betting", "NJ online gambling", "online gambling in NJ", "online betting in New Jersey", "New Jersey online betting", "New Jersey online gambling", "online gambling in New Jersey"  since we want you to find us for the best "NJ online casinos" "New Jersey online casinos" the gives "free rolls" "free comps" from "AC casinos" "Atlantic City Casinos" and you will want to find the ones online offering these great "online bonuses"!  Here will be a list of "AC online casinos" "Atlantic City online casinos" that will be posted regularly giving all the latest "NJ poker news" for gamblers wanting the best action!

There will be lots of news and questions about "what NJ online casino can you gamble at"  "what do you need to do to gamble online in NJ"  "what Atlantic City casinos have the best sign up deals"  "where do you go to register to gamble online in NJ"  "can you gamble online with a mobile devise in NJ"  "how many casinos in NJ offer online gambling" "what is needed to gamble online in NJ"  "latest online poker news in NJ"  "what AC casino offers the best signup deal"  "what casino in NJ offers the best sign up deal".  These are just a few of the questions that will be posted and answered on this site giving "NJ online gamblers" news updates "bonus signups" "registration signups" for players wanting to gamble.
Phrases that many "online gamblers in NJ" "online gamblers in New Jersey" will be searching "what casinos are approved for online gambling", "what are the latest online NJ casino deals"  "where can I find application to sign up to gamble online at NJ casinos" and a bunch of similar quotes.

I will try to gather the most popular and post them with answers so that NJ gamblers will have updated news of everything happening and being offered to internet online players who are looking for the best online casino in AC NJ.

Trying to find popular internet online casinos that you can register and signup for betting at a Atlantic City casino while looking to see what is offered to new online players will be listed on this site.  We will have "NJ online casino sites" "online casino sites in NJ" listed with information of what "online bonus signup deals" give players the most for signing up each day.  

Each day we will look and see what casinos have been approved to offer "online gaming in NJ" and "what AC online casino is approved" for taking bets online.